announcements + reminders!

dear all:
Below are some announcements/reminders:

Wednesday 11/22:
Please remember that we are not meeting tomorrow/Wednesday, 11/22– use this time to work on your next/final Essay #5 (instructions are up under “Assignments”) or on any revisions that you want to make to previous essays.

I had previously said that you could turn in any revisions by Monday 11/27, but I will extend this to Monday, December 4.  You can turn in any revision for any essay, 1-4, by Monday, December 4. Remember that you must turn in the original essay with my comments + a paragraph that explains what change you made along with the new/revised essay.

Monday, 11/27:

  • Read the chapter by Mogul et al about policing of gender and sexuality.
  • We will do Reading Worksheet #11 in class on Monday.
    Wednesday 11/29
    DUE: First draft of Essay #5 for in-class peer review.



    Blackboard problem…

    hi there,

    I have not been able to get into Blackboard (due to a service interruption) and therefore, the Folder for Essay #4 just became available to you.

    If you were planning to turn your essay in on Blackboard: I will extend the deadline to MIDNIGHT tonight, so you can upload your essay after class (in case this folder delay affected you).

    If you are turning in a hard copy, please bring it to class as you planned.

    See you later.

    Professor Munshi

    Reminders for next week:

    Monday 11/20:

    • ESSAY # 4 due (instructions are under “Assignments” on the site)
    • No new reading
    • I will give out instructions for your final essay

    Wednesday 11/22:

    • NO CLASS– use this time to work on your essays.


    (and the next week):

    Monday 11/27:

    • Reading: Mogul, et al. (on site under Course Materials)
    • Reading Worksheet #11 will be done in class


    Wednesday 11/29:



    Reading Worksheet #9, due 11/8

    The questions for Reading Worksheet #9 are below and here: RW9

    1. What does Mock mean when she says,”I always knew I was a girl?” (p.16) and why is this statement important for her to make? What examples does she give to show us that she always knew herself to be a girl?
    2. How did her family respond to Mock’s expressions of femininity? Be specific.
    3. Who is Keisha, and why is she important to Mock?
    4. Who is Wendi, and what is her impact on Mock?