for Tuesday, please read!

hello! I hope you are having a good start to your weekend.

Here are some reminders for next week:

*Tuesday, March 21:

  • We will be discussing the Bayoumi article– please make sure you have read it, responded to the reading questions, and have the article with you in class (printed or ALREADY PULLED UP ON YOUR PHONE/DEVICE by the time class starts).
  • We will also begin to talk about the Greer article– see the Course Reading page for specific questions to guide your reading of this piece.


  • Journal #6 is due Thursday, March 23 + the prompts are up.
  • We will do a mid-semester evaluation next week to assess how the class is going and whether we are doing a good job keeping up with our group commitments.   Two issues that I have already talked to you about in person but want to remind you about here:
    • BE ON TIME– this is for my 9:30 class. It is disruptive to the class when you come in late and, lateness will affect your grade. Please adjust your morning routine to give yourself a cushion in case of train delays or other issues.
    • COME TO CLASS PREPARED– We are seeing that pattern where some students talk a lot and some students don’t talk at all. I will be making some changes in how the class is structured to make more opportunities for *everyone* to participate in class.  This will mean that you need to be ready to contribute.  We will talk more about this together in class, but in the meantime: the best way to ensure that you are prepared?
      • Do the reading and make sure you have answers ready for the reading questions– ideally, you have written them down/taken notes.
      • Bring the reading to class.
      • Before class, identify any questions you may have about what you read.

Any questions or concerns?  As always, please feel free to be in touch with me via email or in person.


have a great weekend and see you at 9:30 or 12:30 on Tuesday!
Professor Munshi


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