revision for Essay #1 due Tuesday, 3/21


This is a note to remind you of the instructions for revisions for Essay #1.

If you want to revise your essay, you must turn in: 1)  your original essay***; 2) the revised essay; and 3) a short typed note that explains what changes you made to this version.  If you do not include this note, I will not read  your revised essay.

***If you turned in your essay on Blackboard, you don’t need to turn in the original as it is stored in BB.)

The revised essay is due on Tuesday, March 21.  You can turn it in to me on Blackboard in a folder that is labeled “Essay #1 Revision” or in hard copy form.

If your revised essay is weaker than the first essay, I will return it to you. In other words, you will not be punished for attempting a revision– the stronger essay’s grade is the one that you will keep.

As always, if you have any questions, be in touch.

See you tomorrow!
Professor Munshi


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