reminders/announcements for April 4 & 6

Wow, it’s already April next week!

For next week, I took into consideration your feedback (from the mid-semester evaluations) for less reading and more time in class to discuss the readings with each other– and so I swapped next week’s readings and cut them in half:

For Tuesday, April 4: Read the Aviv article about Filipina domestic workers– this article helps us to see another side of “globalization,” the migration that occurs when people leave their homes for economic survival.  We will discuss this article in class, in small groups.

For Thursday, April 6: Read the chapter by Tang. This chapter is about Cambodian refugees living in the Northwest Bronx + their experience with workfare. We will use this chapter as a case study when we talk about changes to the welfare system in the U.S.

The reading list on the Course Readings tab has been updated for these changes, and you can find reading questions there as well.

Journal #8 is due on Tuesday – the prompt will be up today.

Revisions (optional) for Essay #2 are due next Friday (I extended this by one day). Remember that if you choose to revise your essay, you must turn in your original essay with your revisions, along with a note that explains the changes you made.

Be in touch with questions.

have a great weekend!

Professor Munshi


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