SUMMARY OF ANNOUNCEMENTS–important to read this!

hi everyone,

Before you start enjoying your break from BMCC, here are some reminders and announcements from today:

  • If you are revising ESSAY #2, you *must* turn in your revision by tomorrow: Friday, 4/7.  You can turn it in through Blackboard or in my mailbox. Remember that you need to turn in your original essay, the revised essay and a note that explains what revisions you made.


  • We do not meet next week. Or, the week after that.  We see each other next on Tuesday, April 25th.


  • READING FOR APRIL 25th: I changed the reading and it is now an excerpt from Janet Mock’s book, Redefining Realness.  The PDF is on the Course Readings page for you to download.


  • Journal #9 is also due on April 25th.


  • We are going to do an in-class peer review of your first draft of Essay #3 on April 27th.  You must bring a hard copy of your best version of your essay draft to class on April 27th.  Participating in the peer review is mandatory– i.e. you will lose points on your essay grade if you are not in class and prepared.


  • Do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns between now and April 25th.  I will be slower on email but I will write you back, so be in touch if you need.


be well,

Professor Munshi


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