please read: 5/16 + 5/18 + 5/19 + 5/23

dear all, Since we are close to the end of the semester, here is a reminder of what is happening over the next few/last classes.

There is no new reading–  use the next week to work on your final essays. 

Tuesday, 5/16: Journal #11 due.

Thursday, 5/18: Final essay due. Remember that to get full credit on this assignment, you must submit your draft, along with a note explaining the revisions you made, with your final essay.

Friday, 5/19: BMCC is on a Thursday schedule but we will not meet. This is a make-up day because of the snow day earlier in the semester. However, since you had an assignment to complete at home– watching the documentary, Babies, and writing a reflection on it– we “made up” this session already.

Tuesday, 5/23: Last class session! Should we have a party? We will meet and you will present your work from an in-class exercise that you will complete next week. We will also do in-class end-of-year reflections, which will count as Journal #12.

If you have any questions about what is coming up over the next two weeks, email me and ask. 


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