What’s due?

To be clear, as I know there are several assignments that you’re working on right now:

October 16 (today): Essay #2 WAS due.

October 18 (Wed): No reading worksheet #6. Revisions of Essay #1 due (*unless you did not get your essay back last week). Revisions are optional. If you revise your essay, you must turn the revised essay in with the original and a note indicating what changes you made.

October 23 (Mon): Take-home exam #1 due.




reminder re: revision of Essay #1

dear all,

Remember that revisions of Essay #1 — if you decide to do them– are due a week after you got your essay back from me. For most of you, the revised essay is due this Wednesday.

If you are turning in a revision, you must give me:

*the original essay

*the revised essay

*a letter (1-2 paragraphs) that explains the changes you made


Reading Worksheet #5, due 10/11

The questions for reading worksheet #5 are pasted below and available here: rw5f17

  1. What is the “old” kind of economic liberalism? What did thinkers like Adam Smith want?


  1. When did economic liberalism prevail in the U.S.?


  1. What happened in the 1930s? According to John Maynard Keynes, what was the best policy for capitalists?


  1. What makes neoliberalism “new?”


  1. What are the five main points of neoliberalism?


  1. Where has neoliberalism been exported, at the time of this article? What effect has it had?


  1. What is the impact of neoliberalism on the U.S., at the time of this article?


  1. According to the authors, who benefits from neoliberalism?





Reflections/Questions/Concerns about this week’s materials?



for next week…

For Monday 10/2: read or re-read the FOUR blog posts from Asian American Writers Workshop (click “Part 1” “Part 2” “Part 3” and “Part 4”).  If you did not turn in Reading Worksheet #3, you can turn it in on Monday.

For Wednesday 10/4: read TWO pieces by Bayoumi and watch the Secret Life of Muslims episode about Linda Sarsour– all materials are available on the Course Materials page. The questions for Reading Worksheet #4 (due 10/4) are up.

have a good weekend!
Professor Munshi

Reading Worksheet #4, due 10/4

The questions for Reading Worksheet #4 are below and here: rw4f17

Bayoumi, “Rasha.”

  1. How did Rasha’s family come to the U.S.? Where did they come from and why did they come here?


  1. What happened to her family in 2002?


  1. What was her experience in detention like? What stands out to you in her descriptions of that time?


  1. How does she feel upon her release? What does she say/do?



Bayoumi, “Afterword.” (pages 259-267)


  1. When did Muslims first arrive to this land?


  1. Who were the first Arab immigrants in the U.S. and when did they arrive? Where did they settle?


  1. Who were Ahmed Hassan and Mohamed Mohriez, and what happened to them?


  1. What about the year 1965 (and afterwards) is significant for Arab immigration?


  1. What does Bayoumi say happened after 9/11/the “war on terror?” How did it change the way that Muslims are seen by the government?



The Secret Life of Muslims: Linda Sarsour

  1. How does Linda Sarsour become an activist?


  1. Why does she fight for Muslim holidays to be recognized by New York City public schools?