Journal #11, now due Tuesday May 16

*This journal is now due on Tuesday, May 16.

For this journal, you will write a reflection on Out in the Night. You can use one or more of the following questions to guide your writing:

  1. What does this film show us about safety and consent? What were the ways that the young people in the film found themselves at risk for violence, and why? How did they respond to these threats?
  2. Angela Davis says that there is no “institutional  mode” to address homophobic street harassment. What does she mean by this? What are other ways to address this behavior?
  3. In the film, Glo, an activist from FIERCE, says that this case shows how LGBTQ people of color find their identities criminalized.  What does Glo mean? How were these young people seen to be “criminals?
  4. What are some strategies to respond to street harassment- based on your own experience and knowledge?