Journal #2, now due 2/16

Use these questions to guide your reading and journal writing:


The readings by Mead and DuBois are difficult: they are primary sources– written by the author themselves + not someone summarizing their work for us– from other time periods.

  • Mead writes about the “me” and the “I.” What does he mean? What is the difference?
  • DuBois writes about the experience of “double-consciousness.” What does he mean by this and why does he have this way of seeing?


  • What does Steele mean by the term “stereotype threat,” and what are some of the impacts on black college students?


  • Choose one or two ideas from the readings and show connections to the conversation in class. You can continue to discuss troubles vs. issues, or the question of whether the sociological imagination is terrible or magnificent.
  • What is socialization, and how do this week’s reading help us to see how we are socialized?


  • Do you have any experiences or examples with the topics from this week’s discussion and reading: socialization, culture, the self, double-consciousness, stereotype threat?