Journal #5, due March 9

*Since we have not discussed the Lopez + Ngai, I took them off this week’s journal assignment.

Since your last journal, we have read many articles: 1> Omi + Winant; 2> Lopez; 3>Ngai; 4>Tatum; and, 5>Bonilla-Silva.  Please follow these guidelines for your journal:


  1. Three of these pieces discuss the issue of “racism” and how we can define/understand it.  Compare the ways that Omi + Winant, Tatum, and Bonilla-Silva discuss racism.  Do they agree with one another? What do they each add to our understanding of what racism entails?
  2. Lopez and Ngai each talk about immigration. What do they each say about the challenges of migration and becoming a part of the U.S.?


Here, you can answer any of the following questions:

  1. What does the documentary, Race: the Power of an Illusion, do to help us understand the history of race and racism in the U.S.?  How does understanding race as a “sociohistorical” construct support or challenge ways that we think about race and racism?
  2. What does “citizenship”mean and what does the documentary, Race: the Power of an Illusion, show us about the history of what this word means in the U.S.?



Here, please write about your reflections, feelings, questions about any of the topics we have talked about in the past week. What do these discussions about racism bring up for you? What examples can you offer– from your own experience, current events, observations– that help us to understand how race and racism work today?