Journal #6, due March 23

The theme for Journal #6 is CITIZENSHIP, and it includes the following readings:

Lopez + Ngai + Anzaldua + Asian American Writers Workshop + Bayoumi + Greer + (optional) Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

You can follow this guide for your journal writing:


  • What does the writing by Lopez (and Ngai) show us about the history of citizenship and race in the U.S.? What information was considered in determining whether someone was allowed to be a citizen?
  • What do the Asian American Writers Workshop articles show us about the challenges that are specific to undocumented immigrants? Give specific examples.
  • Anzaldua and Bayoumi tell us, using different examples, that “belonging” to the U.S. is complicated. Pick one of these articles and explain what the author shows us about how the barriers that one can face in being considered a part of the U.S.
  • What does Greer offer to this conversation by studying Black immigrants, and their relationships to Black Americans?  What are the particular considerations that Black immigrants face in constructing their identity?


  • What connections can you make between these readings and our discussions in class about the readings and/or the documentary (Race: the Power of an Illusion)?
  • Was there something you would have liked to say in class but you did not get the chance to express? What do you think about the readings? What stands out to you as familiar to your own experience or what surprises you? What questions are you left with?



  • Immigration and the fate of migrants in the U.S. is a topic that is getting a lot of attention right now. How might these readings help someone to understand the debates today? What could you tell someone who is confused about why immigrants are under attack?