Journal #8, due April 4

For this week’s journal, reflect on the film Life and Debt, as well as the readings by Eisenstein and Mantsios– since we didn’t yet talk about the Culture of Poverty articles (Steinberg and Cohen), you do not need to include them (or the Walley) but you can.

In the last week, we talked about economic inequality on a national and global scale. For your journal,  consider responding to the following questions– you do not have to respond to all of them, but make sure that your journal includes at least one reference to the reading.

  • What are some of the myths that we learn about class and economics in the U.S., and why are these myths so powerful?
  • What is the reality of how wealth is distributed?
  • What is “globalization?”  What are some of the consequences of globalization?
  • What did the in-class activities and film show you about economics?
  • Are these discussions relevant to your everyday life? Are there connections you can make here between our readings/discussions and issues that affect you and your family/community?
  • What did you learn this week? What questions do you still have?