please read: 5/16 + 5/18 + 5/19 + 5/23

dear all, Since we are close to the end of the semester, here is a reminder of what is happening over the next few/last classes.

There is no new reading–  use the next week to work on your final essays. 

Tuesday, 5/16: Journal #11 due.

Thursday, 5/18: Final essay due. Remember that to get full credit on this assignment, you must submit your draft, along with a note explaining the revisions you made, with your final essay.

Friday, 5/19: BMCC is on a Thursday schedule but we will not meet. This is a make-up day because of the snow day earlier in the semester. However, since you had an assignment to complete at home– watching the documentary, Babies, and writing a reflection on it– we “made up” this session already.

Tuesday, 5/23: Last class session! Should we have a party? We will meet and you will present your work from an in-class exercise that you will complete next week. We will also do in-class end-of-year reflections, which will count as Journal #12.

If you have any questions about what is coming up over the next two weeks, email me and ask. 

Journal #11, now due Tuesday May 16

*This journal is now due on Tuesday, May 16.

For this journal, you will write a reflection on Out in the Night. You can use one or more of the following questions to guide your writing:

  1. What does this film show us about safety and consent? What were the ways that the young people in the film found themselves at risk for violence, and why? How did they respond to these threats?
  2. Angela Davis says that there is no “institutional  mode” to address homophobic street harassment. What does she mean by this? What are other ways to address this behavior?
  3. In the film, Glo, an activist from FIERCE, says that this case shows how LGBTQ people of color find their identities criminalized.  What does Glo mean? How were these young people seen to be “criminals?
  4. What are some strategies to respond to street harassment- based on your own experience and knowledge?

for Thursday, May 4

Remember: bring in your draft for Essay #3, with your peer review worksheets attached. These worksheets count for credit for Journal #10.

Read the piece by Law (on the Course Readings tab).  I took off the Richie as we won’t have enough time to look at it.

See you Thursday.

Extra Credit, May Day + May 4

Monday, May 1 is May Day, International Workers’ Day, a day for a General Strike. There are events, protests, other activities all over the city– if you participate in, or observe, a May Day event, you can write a 1 page reflection  for extra credit. Remember that your reflection must connect the event to the themes of the class.

On Thursday, May 4, at 2pm, BMCC is hosting an event with two authors: Pulitzer Prize winner Viet Thanh Nguyen and legendary writer Jessica Hagedorn.  Please come! It is going to be a great event.  Information is here.